Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nevermind Theo

Nevermind Theo

Yay! Another week, another penis! In this case, though, it's not an ancient classic so much as a modern classic. I don't like Nirvana much, but I realise that not considering Nevermind to be a classic of the 20th century is kind of like not considering your metaphors with enough thought.

Nevermind is one of those cases where iconic album meets, through sheer coincidence I suppose, iconic cover art. The baby, the swimming, the dollar bill, the pool, the fishhook. The don't-comment-on-the-kid's-penis-you-pedo-you. So here is Theo, looking back on when he was a little nappy-headed boy, swimming for cash. As Malclolm Jamal Warner might well presently be doing.

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