Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Theo Big-Eyes


Theo Big-Eyes

I include this one mainly because it more-or-less shows the iconic original in all its glory; I've modified it mostly by doing the anti-Woll Smoth: making those thoughtful eyes manga-big.

Here it is avatar-sized:


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pictures of Theo

Who in this great world of ours is more awesome than Malcolm Jamal-Warner? No-one, I tell you, no-one. What TV show is greater than "The Cosby Show"? Not a one, I tell you, not a one.

This blog is dedicated to the art of taking a single, particularly iconic image of Theo Huxtable and playing with it in a million different ways, always resulting in a 120 x 120 image.

Why, you say? Well, like Sir Edmund Hilary one said, because it's there. Of course it made a lot more sense out of his mouth than out of mine, but that's why his face is on the New Zealand dollar and not mine. Nor Theo Huxtable's... though that gives me a good idea...

nb. The original picture of Malcolm Jamal-Warner comes, of course, from "The Cosby Show" and is certainly copyright someone-out-there. The vast majority of my 'interpretations' take advantage of other copyright images for which I have not asked permission and in most cases could not cite. So for legal purposes, all I can do is state that I do not claim my own copyright on any of these images and that I'm more than willing to take down any of these pictures if so requested to by their coyright holders.